We Love Our CSA!

Intervale Farm

Greenhouse at Intervale Farm

For the past seven years, we have purchased a Summer CSA share from Intervale Family Farm. Each Thursday from June – October, we stop at the farm on our way home from work and come home with the freshest, tastiest, most beautiful produce you can imagine. If you’re unfamiliar with the CSA (Community Supporting Agriculture) concept, the basic idea is that a farm offers seasonal “shares” of their harvest that are purchased ahead of time by individuals.  This provides farmers with more financial resources to work with early in the season and the reassurance of already having regular customers lined up. For the consumer, buying a share guarantees a regular supply of quality local produce, usually at a fraction of grocery store prices.


An early season weekly share from our CSA.

CSAs come in all shapes and sizes, and the details of what you get and how you get it (some CSAs will deliver to your door!) can vary greatly. Check out the Local Harvest website for more information about CSAs in general and how to go about finding one that meets your needs.

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