Lemon Garlic Pickled Asparagus

asparagus-pickledWe have thoroughly enjoyed asparagus season this year. We roasted bunch after bunch of it on the grill and added those deeply flavorful, smoky spears to pasta dishes, salads, sandwiches and anything else we could think of. We also devoured a fair bit of it straight off the grill, delaying only long enough to avoid burning our fingers and tongues.

Now that the season is winding down, I wanted to try putting up a little bit of that summery goodness to enjoy this winter. I used a recipe from The Pickled Pantry by Andrea Chesman. This book has a great chapter of recipes that were developed to be made “by the pint”. So you can use up that last little bit of produce you have on hand, or you can scale the recipe up as needed if you have a larger harvest.

This method worked well, as I had earmarked two bunches of asparagus for this little canning project, not enough for some of the larger batch recipes I had seen. The asparagus was very easy to process, as there was no chopping, peeling or salt soaking involved. I added some whole garlic and lemon peel to each jar, as directed in the recipe, and ended up with three pints of beautiful pickled asparagus.

With pickles, I always like to wait at least six weeks before opening a jar, to let the flavors fully develop, so stay tuned for a taste test down the road!

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