Beet Burgers & Pesto Potato Salad

beet burger & pesto potato saladBeets seem to be the new darlings of the veggie burger world, and since we’ve been getting a supply of them every week in our CSA, I figured it was time to give beet burgers a try. I made these for lunch when our friends Lori and Chad were in town, using this recipe from the Post Punk Kitchen.

I’ll admit when I was mixing together all the seemingly incompatible ingredients (lentils and almond butter!), I wondered if the flavors would really work together. But somehow everything magically melded, and they were a huge hit. They tasted great, held together no problem and got nice and charred in my cast iron skillet. With ketchup, mustard, pickles and lettuce, they were a highly satisfying burger experience.


thanks beets!

I served this with a potato salad that I made up using what I had around. The night before our lunch, I roasted some red potatoes and green beans from the garden, then tossed them with chopped fennel and onion, capers and some garlic scape pesto I had in the freezer from a few weeks ago.  (Here’s a secret: pesto makes everything delicious).

First Green Bean Harvest

green (and purple) bean harvest

It was an excellent lunch, and I’ll definitely be making these burgers again.

A couple notes on the burger recipe: Isa says this recipe makes four burgers, but I made six smaller ones instead. They were very filling, so I think I’ll stick with the smaller patties when making these in the future. Also, I used ground up pretzels in place of breadcrumbs and they worked just fine.

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