Curry Laska with Yellow Woodsorrel Garnish

Curry Laska

When I was up to my ears in pac choy from the garden, I made this delicious recipe from Appetite for Reduction (by my cooking hero, Isa Chandra Moskowitz).¬† This was my first time using red curry paste as an ingredient, and it gave the broth a warm, complex flavor that made this dish seem fancy, even though it was just a random Tuesday night. The recipe suggested garnishing with cilantro, but since I’d just given my pot of cilantro a pretty good haircut the day before, I topped the curry with some yellow woodsorrel instead.

Yellow woodsorrel is an edible plant I just discovered this year, but apparently Justin has been chomping on it since he was a kid. It grows like a weed¬†(because it is a weed) in our flowerbeds and everywhere else, but it has a pleasant lemon lime flavor that tastes great in salads or thrown in just about anywhere you’d use greens. It really complimented all the elements of this curry. (And look at the little yellow flower! It’s extra fun when you can harvest it in bloom.)

Here’s some technical information on woodsorrel, courtesy of the fine folks at Virginia Tech. This is a patch growing up between the gravel in my garden path. Annoying, but delicious.

Yellow Woodsorrel

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